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¡Bienvenidos! This website is designed to guide you in your pursuit of learning Spanish.  Learning a new language requires time, dedication, and hard work.  This site provides useful tips and strategies to accelerate your learning.     

Background Information

¡Hola! My name is Señora Guerrero, welcome to Spanish is Easy & Fun to Learn.  I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language and English as a second language for several years.  My credentials include a M.A. in Linguistics, a B.A. in Spanish, and Middle/Secondary Endorsements in Spanish and ESOL.  I have taught a variety of skill levels and ages.  This website includes language learning tips and activities.  Remember to to have fun and practice often.  If you have comments or questions related to language learning or this website please contact me at                                            ¡Todo es posible!

 Why Study Spanish? There are many practical reasons to study Spanish which include experiencing new cultural perspectives, earning credit for secondary or post secondary schools, and creating career possibilities.  It is important to set a purpose and find reasons why you want to study the language.  Maybe you want to learn enough phrases to communicate and travel in Mexico, increase your skills at work so you can communicate with diverse cliental or become fully bilingual.  Setting a purpose for your language goals will help you stay on track and provide motivation for learning.  

Finish this sentence.  I want to learn Spanish because ...


  1. Make flashcards of vocabulary and review them daily for short periods of time.
  2. Review work that you have already mastered to refresh your memory.
  3. Write difficult words several times over and over. Say it out loud. Use it in a sentence.
  4. Use mnemonic devices (games or tricks) to help you remember certain words.
  5. Most texts have a vocabulary list or teachers provide them. Work with a friend, parent or a classmate by having them say the English word and you say the word in the other language.
  6. Find a native speaker to practice with.


 Grammar Strategies

  1. Drill and practice on websites such as or access the Home Tutor from Avancemos at
  2. Make flashcards with verbs on one side and endings on the other. Choose a certain verb tense and practice the various forms.
  3. Use the verbs in sentences and say them out loud.
  4. Work with your teacher/friend before or after school or at lunchtime.
  5. Make sure you schedule time to practice.  Set aside at least 10-15 minutes everyday for practice.


 Helpful Spanish Websites