Proposed Vocational/Agricultural (VoAg) Building Vision and Timeline

AG update
AG update


Why Build a New Steel Structure vs. Repairing the existing building?

Once it became clear that the existing building repairs would be far more extensive than initially thought, alternatives were investigated by the CL Facilities Committee. The recommendation was to go with a pre-engineered steel structure. As part of due diligence by individual board member contacts within the industry were asked for their insight. Eric Christensen of Fisher Construction Services gave one of the more concise breakdowns of the steel building advantage from a builder’s perspective with the following statement:

In general, a couple of bullet points about why pre-engineered is appealing:

1. Cost, per square foot: They are the most cost effective use of commercial space compared to other methods (ie. concrete tilt, traditional steel etc.) 

2. Longevity: A pre-engineered structure will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance, compared to a stick-built or pole building, which require much more maintenance and eventually fail sooner. Steel has a longer usable lifespan. 

3. Flexibility of finishes: Pre-engineered buildings can have any exterior finish or interior finish you desire. Architectural panels, hardi-board, wood, CMU, brick etc. Pre-engineered buildings don't have to have all metal siding. Interiors can be built out with studs & drywall to meet any interior need. 

4. Flexibility of phasing: You can start with just a pre-engineered shell/envelope and build-out the interior down the road as time and/or funds allow. 


How is the District Paying for this and what is the timeline?

Superintendent Pelt gives the following explanation, tentative timeline and estimated budget:

We are building and finishing as we have enough cash; this approach will require us to strategically plan in phases.     

      Demolition: Summer 2023

      Building Shell constructed: Shop classes ready -Winter 2023-24

      Classrooms and Culinary classes built - Summer 2024

      Mechanic bay finished and built - Summer 2025    

      Estimated total-$ 2.2 million ($800,000.00 grant funds, remainder general funds)


So what is the take-away?

The existing building is fixable, but at a cost exceeding the long term benefits of starting over with a lower maintenance and lifetime pre-engineered steel structure. Timelines are dictated by Federal ESSER Dollar spending deadlines, Grant Money Windows, and District Budgeted Funds availability. Nothing is currently set in stone, however, timelines are quickly approaching. Much planning and discussion has brought us to a place where we can present the current status of the approach to the public, but please consider this initial timeline, budget, and method as preliminary planning subject to change. As always, individual board members, building committee members and our Superintendent, Candace Pelt are available to answer further questions.