Youth Transition Program (YTP)


YTP is designed to assist students as they transition from school to work with paid competitive employment as the desired outcome. The YTP staff works in cooperation with Vocational Rehabilitation counselors in order to assess the needs and responsibilities of youthful clients. We support youth and give them exposure to work experiences that could lead to competitive employment. This benefits the community by preparing our young adults for a responsible life after high school and empowering them to become productive members of society.

To be eligible for YTP, a student must:

  • Be an enrolled student with the Central Linn School District
  • Be targeted for high school graduation, but could benefit from YTP services
  • Be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services (documented disability, IEP, 504 plan)
  • Have the potential to become competitively employed

YTP Business Partnership

Our goal is to grow a network of businesses that will partner with us to provide career experiences, job shadows and vocational training programs for the youth in our community.