We believe collaborative governance is an approach that utilizes effective partnerships to learn and lead together in an environment of trust and respect with a shared focus on high expectations and outcomes for ALL students through collective responsibility, accountability, and support. 


Our focus and commitment for working together:


  1. The Central Linn (CL) Board shall focus its communication, efforts, and work toward the achievement and outcome of ALL students we serve as outlined in the Strategic Plan. 
  2. The CL School Board will share in the success and failures of the school system alongside the Superintendent. 
  3. The CL School Board and the Superintendent agree to avoid surprises by establishing direct and clear communication. 
  4. The Superintendent shall serve as the chief executive officer, charged with implementing the policies of the CL Board and be responsible for the effective administration of the school district (including the development and communication of regulations, rules, and procedures to support established CL Board policies).
  5. The CL School Board will acknowledge and follow the chain of command of the school district.  
  6. CL Board members will communicate directly with the Superintendent as soon as possible when information is needed or a question arises from the CL Board, from staff, or a community member. Specific questions concerning information contained in the board packet will be provided to the Superintendent 24 hours prior to the meeting.
  7. When a written request is sent to the CL School Board, the Superintendent shall respond or delegate a response  with a copy to the Chair and ViceChair.  All CL Board members will receive a message indicating a response has been generated.  When needed or appropriate, the Superintendent may share the response with the Board. Board members may respond to any correspondence while directing operations-level questions to the Superintendent. 
  8. No individual CL Board member has the authority to make a decision or judgment on behalf of the CL Board. The CL Board is one single entity and decisions are made as a group; therefore, the CL Board is united and not uniform.
  9. Be mindful that you represent the CL Board in public and that no individual CL Board member has the authority to speak for the CL Board without prior board approval. 
  10. The Superintendent shall provide the CL Board information, analysis, and sound professional advice needed to formulate policy as well as monitor district operations and student achievement.